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A Home to Many in the 1940s

The south end of the property was a private residence built in the 1940s which boasted 15 bedrooms & 15 Bathrooms. In 1945 it became a rooming house and that same year a south wing was added that featured an extra 6 rooms. Sadly in 1959 the house was torn down and a small motor court was built in it place named the Casa Marina Court.

Bayfront Logo

A History of Hotels Since the 1950s

The Bayfront Inn spans four lots and was once home to four owners. The oldest building on the property is the Rodrigues House, which dates back to 1572. In the 1950’s on the north end of the property The Ocean View Hotel was located. The south end of the property was located a private residence with 17 bedrooms. In the 1950’s the house was torn down and replaced with a motor court named the Casa Marina Motor Court. In 1961 the owner purchased the Ocean View Hotel, tore it down and built the north wing, linking all the properties together. Over the years the property has undergone multiple renovations. The Bayfront Inn has been owned and operated by the same family since the 1940s.

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